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land14.jpg (4488 bytes)Path to Spirit - MY STORY

Ever since I can remember I have been a coach. Of course, it’s only in the past 10 years or so that I’ve embraced the word or my innate gift. Although, the Universe has been sending me clear messages for years, apparently I didn’t really understand or appreciate this gift I had been given. On a bright sunny afternoon in Houston, sharing good conversation over a cup of tea on the patio with my friend Caroline my mission became crystal clear. It was one of those “ah-ha” moments. Maybe you’ve had them too, when it seems that a light bulb goes on and you see things so clearly. The words just flowed forth. I’m here to “help people be all they are meant to be.”

Through a number of synchronistic encounters, I had been led to attend a weekend workshop on coaching. While there I felt comfortable with the essence of all I heard because I had been doing this for years. I just didn’t have a name for it. Memories came back of my being a coach ever since my childhood. There was the time when the father of my friends’ who lived across the street asked me to tutor his kids in mathematics. They were in third and fourth grade and I was in sixth. I was always much stronger in English than math and yet it worked.

When I became a high school Language Arts, Yearbook, Newspaper, TV Production and Journalism teacher my students were always bringing their friends to meet with me and help them through personal difficulties. Things like conflicts with teachers, parents, friends, and boyfriends; death of a parent; self-esteem issues and more.

In fact, a colleague even bought me a T-shirt that she had custom printed for me that summed up perfectly who I am. It said: “Call me Coach!”

When I became an administrator, my innate gifts as a coach continued to be called forth. In addition to my own staff members, it wasn’t uncommon for staff to send their friends to me for personal direction in breaking through professional and personal blocks. Even my immediate supervisor called on me when he was ready to pursue his destiny to be a superintendent. More than developing his presentation package, it was about coaching him on his presence, whether he was being interviewed on the telephone, appearing on radio and television, or making public speaking appearances and presentations.

Then there came the time that I was meeting a new acquaintance for the first time. She started telling me about her life. She was in the middle of a divorce and she and her husband had several joint business ventures. Somehow I just started giving her straight advice and she stopped me and said: “You’re a business development coach.” I had no idea what that was and yet that was a pivotal moment in my personal and professional development.

It led me on a path of more formally developing my gifts. Although, I was highly educated and had much practical, real world experience in leadership, I knew that it was time to raise the level of my feeling perception to that of my critical thinking. I consciously heightened the awareness of my feelings and the feelings of others. In the process I tapped into Universal laws for creating desires and states of being that are only now being more openly taught, like attraction and visualization. This was a real shift since I was raised to be able to prove the validity of things. My father took great pride in providing The World Book Encyclopedia for his children. We were expected to communicate with the depth and clarity of an encyclopedia.

Looking back, my earliest awareness of my intuitive gifts is around age five. Although, I had this ability it lay dormant because I had no language for it and, honestly, was afraid of what people would think about me if I shared it. Curiously, clients kept showing up who acknowledged my natural abilities even though I wouldn’t. And, thankfully these clients kept referring new clients.

Over the years clients have called what I do many thing. Generally people use names that they are used to and find socially acceptable. Professionals like consultant, advisor, business development coach, mentor, business coach, and life coach. Then there are other titles that are becoming more socially acceptable like healer, muse, mystic, psychic and intuitive. Some how, none of these has ever felt completely right. Recently I surveyed a number of long time clients to get a better feel on why they came to me for coaching and how they benefited.

The heart-felt responses were overwhelming clear, much clearer than I had allowed myself to acknowledge. More than a highly intuitive, business savvy adviser, I had the ability to connect people with their soul, their spirit and empower them to reach their destiny no matter what appeared to be blocking their way. In essence, they usually came because of business and professional concerns and pursued coaching with me because of the spirit connection. I was their spirit coach.

Like many people, my life has taken many twists and turns along the path. It hasn’t always evolved as I had thought it would or should. After all, I grew up like millions of other American children watching the “Mickey Mouse Club” and thought I was living a Cinderella life. You know that life. It’s the one in which no matter what hardships and injustices you’ve endured, you are ultimately saved by the prince and live happily ever after together. I’ve lived in what I thought was joy and also in deep fear. After two marriages, pursuing careers in education and business, owning a number of businesses, making millions and losing millions, losing loved one and experiencing serious illnesses, I’ve learned that no one, no person, can save you. You have to do it your self. The good news is that you are never alone. You already possess the power to create, achieve and realize whatever your heart desires. As I learned in "Messages from God", “Success is internally realized, not externally achieved.”

Whether you call it God, Buddha, Christ, intuition, inner voice, gut, higher self--the power is with in you. We are all on the path of oneness, the path to truly connect with our higher self, our soul purpose for being here. For most of my life I felt years ahead of my time. Maybe you have been here too. You know you know what’s right, the way things are best to be and no one else seems to get it. And, then before you know it, some times days, some times years, they start using your ideas and language and it’s now acceptable. Being the Spirit Coach is who I am and now the world is ready for my gifts. It is my highest honor to assist people in knowing their truths, transforming their lives and experiencing peace, joy and happiness.

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Message From God...
Be a no limit person by reading a delightful - Absorbing book on how to maximize your full potential.

Mark Victor Hansen

Client's Saying...
Visualize and actually achieve your professional goals by getting over the obstacles that mentally and phisically put your my way.

Alicia Jansen

Bible Speaking...
"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened."

Matthew 7:7

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