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Q: What is Phoenix’s purpose?

A: Phoenix’s purpose, her higher-calling, is to dispense simple Universal truths that empower people to be all they came into this life to be-personally and professionally.

Q: How does Phoenix do this now?

A: Phoenix listens to the heart, not the just the story, of each coaching client she works with (whether in person, over the telephone and/or via email) and each audience she speaks with to discern the truth of their dilemmas, issues, dreams and dispenses no-nonsense, practical pearls of wisdom, like those in "Messages from God". She brings them the key strategies, intuitive insights and real stories that empower clients to rise above their current situation, change their present reality and make their life better.

Q: How Does It Work?

A: This is not psychobabble or moralistic, religious righteousness. Phoenix’s speaks pure truth. She opens herself up to be a channel for God’s messages that flow through her. Her gift has been called many names including: intuition, God-voice, gut-feeling, higher knowing and spirit. All that matters is that it works. People know their truths when they hear them.

Q: What is Phoenix’s Style?

A: Phoenix’s style can best be summed up in the word “communion.” Phoenix creates a safe-place for those on the path of personal, professional and spiritual development. There are no make wrongs, including deliberately, embarrassing comments, criticism and judgements to make you do the right thing. There is no moralizing and preaching. In the tradition of all great mystics, Phoenix does correct, guide and teach from a place of love, compassion and knowing. Phoenix speaks from a place of honor and sacredness for all.

Q: Why do we need Phoenix’s work, Phoenix’s voice?

A: In today’s society, people are seeking answers to living truly happy, fulfilling lives and achieving success. They’re still searching for the keys to attaining the American Dream, even if they don’t live in America. Yet, the answer is within each of us. Phoenix helps you along your path to create authentic success from the inside-out. She helps you illuminate any resistance or limitations that prevent achievement, success, and happiness. Phoenix’s messages inspire you to believe in yourself and be your destiny. In working with Phoenix you will discover that “Success is internally realized, not externally achieved.” You may experience what others have, including:

  • Find the courage and inner strength to overcome, breakthrough and rise above the often too real and tragic circumstances and travesties of life.
  • Listen inside to your small, still voice and follow your dreams, often times against incredible odds.
  • Discover the practical spiritual solution to any situation. And, in doing so turn upset and failure into blessings, gratitude and breakthroughs which catapult you to higher levels of success.

Q: What are some of the successes that Phoenix’s clients have experienced?

A: Phoenix has successfully advised and coached hundreds of people, companies and corporations to achieve what they want, even when they were not sure exactly what that was.

Some of these include:

CEO’s and business owners who become authentically powerful, communicated with presence, grow their business, eliminated stress and enjoyed their personal life; Executives who improved their leadership skills by increasing their self-esteem; mastering effective communication, delegation and time-management skills; eliminating stress and finding balance; An entrepreneur who turned around his “almost” bankrupt business and marriage to being listed on the New York Stock Exchange and renewed his marriage; An executive team who shifted from “putting out fires” and crisis management to becoming better leaders and proactive managers; A CPA who increased his profitability by more that 30 percent in one year and lost more than 50 pounds in the process; A former nun and outplacement trainer who left her job and started a new life and her own business in a different state; A hospital administrator who climbed the corporate career ladder with two promotions and a 50 percent salary increase in less than one year; A judge who effectively communicated her message and won re-election; and People making their once-in-a-lifetime transition into a personal and professional life which their heart has chosen, not just their mind.

Q: How do clients benefit from Phoenix’s work?

A: As each client’s spirit coach, Phoenix helps them discover in themselves the key insights, distinctions and strategies to empower and achieve true success--a life of joy, balance and happiness. Here are some of the benefits clients have shared in their own words:

* Phoenix came at a bad time, I felt like it’s wasn’t going to get any better * She strengthens me to excel
* Energized and calmed me simultaneously * Empowered me so I could fly
* Phoenix’s intuition empowers people to find their path and stay on it * Phoenix held up the light of what was possible
* Confidential mentor to continue to grow professionally and get to the next level – you just can’t get this from colleagues or friends * Brings perspective, helps to have someone in your corner who gives you proper perspective so you can make good decisions
* Knowledgeable about where people need to go when they don’t know where to go * Helps people understand and act on their intuition
* Phoenix listens from the heart, gives approaches that are balanced and rounded out with spirituality * Helps people understand their messages (i.e., from life, Universe) and the directions to go
* Always feel better * Establish foundation
* Feel new and refreshed * Mentor to deal with stress
* Discernment * Quick insights
* Quickens the suffering (i.e., learning time), helps me get over it and move on * Helps people read and act on their signs (read the signs)
* It’s so positive to be with someone who you know instinctively is going to help you * You lay yourself out there, warts and all and Lynn takes it in, processes it and leads you to your betterment
* Helps people learn to recognize and tap into their inner self, inner knowledge, inner voice * Provide sense of connection, extra support for women who own their business or work in predominantly male industries
* Helps people tap into their heart and soul in their business and personal life * Brings values, like integrity, community and spirituality
* Power, pillar, rock * Steadfast, steady, grounded, centered
* Brings peace and ease * Built my confidence

Q: How does Phoenix plan to achieve her mission of empowering 20 million people?

A: Like many other things in her life, Phoenix’s mission “to help people be all they came into this life to be” came through divine inspiration. As much as Phoenix loves coaching individuals she knows that it’s time to expand her ability to serve the masses of people who are ready to fulfill their destiny. Now Phoenix has been given the next steps for realizing her mission through radio, TV, the Internet and powerful conferences in major cities throughout America, and ultimately the world. Through Phoenix’s "Messages from God" programs, a community of like-minded, spirited people will unleash the life force within in such a way that their heat and light awakens and expands the fiery potential in others. This greater self-realization leads to the unfolding of consciousness and the evolution of love.

Q: How can I learn more about participating in "Messages from God" programs ?

A: Phoenix would love to hear from you. Just email her with your interests. They may be as diverse as being a listener on web-casting or nationally syndicated radio and television shows to conference attendees or organizers to sponsors and partners.

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Message From God...
Be a no limit person by reading a delightful - Absorbing book on how to maximize your full potential.

Mark Victor Hansen

Client's Saying...
Visualize and actually achieve your professional goals by getting over the obstacles that mentally and physically get in your way.

Alicia Jansen

Bible Speaking...
"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened."

Matthew 7:7

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