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Phoenix Lynn Marks


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Messages from God®

Phoenix Lynn Marks


What People Are Saying About
Messages from God

Inside Jacket Cover
A Note From the Author Introduction
Selected Messages


Book - $15.00

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Publication Date: October 1999
Hardback with Illustrations and paper & laminate cover
Gift Book with gold ribbon, 41/4 X 6
Number of Pages: 236
All messages channeled by Phoenix
Designed by Phoenix
Published by Golden Halo Productions Distributed by: New Leaf, Baker and Taylor
ISBN: 1888783311
ISBN13: 9781888783315

Copyright 1999 Lynn S. Marks
Messages from God ® - Phoenix

  • Ask your question, open this book and receive amazingly, accurate answers.
  • This gift-size, easy to use and accurate oracle book is perfect for consulting at the beginning of each day, in the evening or whenever you want direct connection with the divine for insightful answers that bring inner peace and certainty for everyday dilemmas like health and money troubles; relationship issues, marital and family problems; career and love.

  • As it says in Messages from God ® “It's never too late to be all who you are meant to be,” and this book will inspire you as it shows you the way. The 365 channeled Universal truths are culled from more than 8,000 client coaching sessions with Lynn “Phoenix” Marks for business and personal matters.
  • A beautiful gift book for yourself and others, Messages from God is the perfect companion for every soul seeking to lead a happier and more fulfilling life. And, who wouldn't want that.
  • Perfect for meditation, inspiration and on-going guidance, especially during times of stress at home or work.


Mystic Pop Magazine – November/December 2005

Messages from God-365 Simple Truths for Success

Reviewed by: Devra Ann Jacobs, Publisher


Phoenix Lynn S. Marks brings the message that nothing is limited in the small but mighty book of 365 messages of wisdom. Open the book to any page and receive insight to any lesson you are facing. As Phoenix states, "This book is about people who care enough about life to live it to the greatest extent they can in all the splendor and beauty that has externally been up for grabs." This book would make a great gift for the holidays for anyone you want to show your love to on a higher level of spirit.



Back Pages – Kansas City, November 2005

MESSAGES FROM GOD: 356 Simple Truths for Success


Marks, a pioneer in the business and spiritual coaching field, channeled this extraordinarily inspiring collection of Universal truths during the course of doing business. This gift-sized treasure is the perfect companion of every soul seeking to lead a more happy and fulfilling life.

Ask your question and receive amazingly accurate, life-changing answers. Read review. - November 2006

The Book That Can Change Your Love Life --
Messages from God: 365 Simple Truths for Success


Imagine asking your questions and receiving amazingly accurate, life-changing answers from the divine. There is a way. If you are ready, the extraordinary wisdom comprised in Messages from God ® will show you how to create the life you seek, as it has for thousands of people. More than a beautifully designed hardcover gift book, Messages from God is that rare self-help book that is both practical and strikingly wise. Read more...


Natural Awakenings, Palm Beach - August 2005



Lake Worth's New Age bookstore, Jeanni's Secret, is proud to host spiritual author and business coach Phoenix in a special book signing engagement in South Florida, Saturday, August 20 th, 2 – 4 PM. Read more...


Natural Awakenings, Atlanta - November 2005

Phoenix, Intuitive Coach
Discusses & Signs - Messages from God

Lynn “Phoenix” Marks, a gifted intuitive and pioneer in the field of business and spiritual coaching based in Boca Raton, FL, presents an interactive evening and signing for the book that came through her, Messages from God ® Friday, November 18 at 7 pm at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore. Read more...




“Be a no limit person by reading a delightful - absorbing book on how to maximize your full potential. This book is a treasure.”

– Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author,
#1 New York Times Best-Selling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

“Lynn Marks' daily pearls of spiritual wisdom are a meaningful start to my day and a frequent reminder of God's love and wisdom.”

Senator Dan Coats, National Board President,
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

“Every day we all get bombarded with ‘information.' I find it refreshing when we get to work with real ‘knowledge.' This book is full of ‘wisdom' and we can all learn from that.”

Michael Holthouse, President, Sprint-Paranet

“Everyone needs a coach. If you do not have the opportunity to work with Lynn individually or hear her speak, this book is the next best thing.”          

Leroy Burrell, 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist
Head Track & Field Coach, University of Houston

“I carry selections of Lynn's newsletters from past years in my briefcase to help me focus. Messages from God is a welcome addition to keep even more of Lynn's messages available for constant and quick inspiration!”

Helen I. Hodges, President and CEO, Separation Systems Consultants, Inc.
Past Director, National Organization of Women Business Owners

“Now that I'm almost 75, your comment ‘It's never too late to learn' has a special significance to me.”

Bud Hadfield, Founder and Chairperson, Kwik Kopy and
International Center for Entrepreneurial Development, Inc.

“There's nothing limited or impossible with Lynn Marks, and to prove it she's telling us all about the powerful Messages from God . Not only will it awaken your spirit, this book will jump-start it.”


“Messages from God is both practical and inspirational. Lynn's insights can challenge us all from the inside out.”

Stephanie Farwig, 16 Year LPGA Tour Veteran

“Warming my soul and re-creating my enlightenment with every nugget—outstanding!”

Bill Ash, Chairman/CEO, ThirstEnders International Corp.

“I only wish Messages from God had been published before I started on my own journey to success. Lynn has made it her purpose in life to help others succeed in their goals. The passage in her book, 'You can have anything you want, surrender to the possibilities,' sums it all up for me. Valuable reading.”

William Riead, Chairman and CEO, CinemaWest Corporation                           

“Lynn Marks is a unique and marvelous ‘messenger.' Her Messages from God will refocus you toward your spirit. You will be refreshed and redirected in your daily life. Your friends will notice the difference and benefit by your increased gracefulness in dealing with others.”

William Sherrill, Executive Professor, University of Houston and
Former Governor of the Federal Reserve

“In Messages from God Lynn shares the secrets with which you can truly create the life you always wanted—personally and professionally.”

John McCormack, Founder and CEO, Visible Changes
Inc. Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year, 1988

“A perfect book for the champion on the athletic field, in business and in life.”

Michelle Finn Burrell, 1992 Gold Olympic Medalist                                   

“Like Rudyard Kipling's ‘If,' these insightful passages chronicle every person's life history. Where you have been, where you are now and where you are capable of going.   These are the building blocks to a deeper and more meaningful life. You'll want to read them again and again.”

Charles Sheffield, Chairman, U.S. Design and Construction Corporation

“Messages from God is a call to action for leaders to stay on their true path to success.”

Bill Rogers, President, World Entrepreneur Society

“More than motivational or inspirational, Lynn's words will touch and change your heart. Changed hearts bring changed lives. Your very soul will grow through Messages from God .”

– Sydney Seaward, Subject of Lifetime Special, “Intimate Portrait”

“This book is not only beautiful, but truly wise with original messages.”

Virginia K. Gray, Aquarian Age Bookshelf

Messages from God saved my relationship with my boyfriend. Thank you.

Maritza Sanchez, Editor and Foreign Language Educator

“My 14 year old son Dana and I found lots of good messages in Messages from God Friday when he was having a personal crisis.”

Gabriele Armellini, Massage Therapist and Mother

“We display the book in the front of the store and ask our customers to open it to receive their message. Their eyes light up when they peak inside. Many come back for 2 nd and 3 rd copies for friends and family.”

Gregory MacNeir, Leaping Minds, Inc.

Messages from God is a great inspiration to me. I carry it in my car and keep a copy both at my office and home. It is a source of hope and good common sense.”

Kathryn Taxman, Realtor, Top 2% in America



Have you discovered the secrets to create the life you always wanted?

Have you discovered the secrets to abundance, authentic power and inner peace?

Have you discovered how to be all you came into this life to be?

Suppose God provided these simple truths.

It happened to many of Lynn S. Marks' clients as Messages from God flowed through her during the natural course of doing business.

It can happen to you.

You are about to discover the secrets to awaken your spirit, transform your being and deeply enrich the quality of your life.

Copyright © 2002 - 2007 | Phoenix (Lynn S. Marks) All Rights Reserved
Messages from God is a Registered Trademark of Phoenix Lynn S. Marks




With love and gratitude to God

whose wisdom continuously

flows through me

and touches others to be all

who they are meant to be.

And, to Mom, Ana “Bonnie” Marks,

whose life, lessons and love have been

my teacher.

Copyright © 2002 - 2007 | Phoenix (Lynn S. Marks) All Rights Reserved
Messages from God is a Registered Trademark of Phoenix Lynn S. Marks




by Sydney Seaward

This book is about people. it is about people who care enough about life to live it to the greatest extent they can — in all the splendor and beauty that has externally been up for grabs — all for us, just for the taking.

One day I received a telephone call from Lynn Marks to be on a national radio show as her guest. At that unexpected moment, I had no idea how my life was about to change or how big a part Lynn Marks was to play in it.

Messages from God: 365 Simple Truths for Success will change your life as that seemingly chance telephone call changed mine — if you are open to a change.

This book is for you, if you want a change for the better; if you choose to embrace life; if you are ready to embrace life; and if you can face living the best way you can possibly live.

Lynn Marks and her ideas are hard to label. She is more than just a speaker. She is more than just a motivator. She is more than just a unique kind of coach. And, she is more than only an extremely gifted woman. Lynn Marks is alive, in every sense of the word. She truly lives and shows others how to do the same. Lynn lives and shares with us all the beautiful and powerful poetry and potential in life. Lynn is here on this earth for one simple purpose: To make our lives better. How could we possibly pass up such an opportunity to grab our greatest potential? I couldn't.

It is now your choice to grasp, embrace and cherish it — to learn how to make yourself the best you can possibly be, with Lynn's help. Messages from God: 365 Simple Truths for Success is simply a short cut to doing that. This is now your choice and chance to join her in the wondrous adventure each of us has a right to call life.

Welcome and enjoy as I have.

Copyright © 2002 - 2007 | Phoenix (Lynn S. Marks) All Rights Reserved
Messages from God is a Registered Trademark of Phoenix Lynn S. Marks




Imagine having your life's purpose achieved and your dreams fulfilled. There is a way.

     If you are ready, the extraordinary wisdom that follows will show you how to create the life you seek, the life you deserve.

     Early in my career during a regular coaching call, a client posed a question for which I am eternally grateful: “Do you know the power of what you do?”

     Not clear what she meant, I asked rather innocently, “What?”

     She said, “You speak in messages that change lives.”

     Still not conscious of the significance of her insight or the depth of my being, I said rather feebly, “Yes, I know I speak in messages.”

     Undaunted, she proceeded to type the messages from our meetings that touched her and dubbed them “Perfect Pearls of Wisdom.”

     At the time, I was somewhat embarrassed. Like many artists, my gifts came naturally to me. The words, the messages, just flowed through me in conversational style. And, then, like a laser, the messages touched people. Once inspired, most dramatically changed and improved their lives. I took this as normal. After all, my life's purpose is to assist people to be all they are meant to be.

     That was some five years ago. I dabbled with the idea of collecting the messages and creating this book. Ultimately, I let it go and enjoyed my clients and my service while deepening my abilities. And then my clients and friends asked for my products. I listened. It was time.

     Once I embraced the concept that the contents of a book had been given to me for a reason, it came together very quickly. And then, not much happened. I asked God why the book wasn't working and was told that I had the wrong title. I asked what was the right title and was told Messages from God .

     Admittedly, I was rather resistant. For most of the week, I went through a myriad of thoughts, emotions and questions. Who am I to bring forth such a title? What will people think? Am I ready for those who will accuse me of blasphemy, of being a disciple or new age? Will this affect business?

     And then I seemed to come out of the storm. I now knew, who am I not to bring forth these powerful, life-changing messages?

     After all, I have been sharing these messages coaching clients for years and more recently with speaking audiences. Clients and audiences alike repeatedly acknowledge their universal appeal and impact.

     I know that sharing these experiences and messages will offend some. Call it intuition, gut feelings, God voice, higher knowing, spirit — it does not matter. It is about communicating truths.

     These simple messages awaken people's spirits. Whether heard of read, when touched, people know their truth. They say they were transformed. They were empowered. It was as if I were speaking only to them.

     For many, their lives dramatically changed — their attitudes, behaviors, friends, lifestyles, and careers. They moved from being victims to becoming leaders of their own destiny; from suffering, tolerating and struggling to ease, peace and abundance; and from trying hard and proving that they were good enough to being their perfect gift. They shifted from a life filled with “incompletions” to a life of integrity.

     Many refer to these words as my words and acknowledge me for changing their lives. I have come to know and accept that I am a messenger, one of many, who carries God's words for those who are ready. Much like that expression, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

     Messages from God will remind you of your strengths, goodness and truth. These messages are for you if you are ready to live your life — personally and professionally — at the highest level. These messages are for you if you are ready to live the life you deserve. It's never too late to be everything you are meant to be.

     May you experience the miracles of Messages from God . May they touch your heart and awaken your spirit.

Lynn S. Marks
Houston, Texas

Copyright © 2002 - 2007 | Phoenix (Lynn S. Marks) All Rights Reserved
Messages from God is a Registered Trademark of Phoenix Lynn S. Marks




This book is a compilation of life transforming messages. If you will allow these God-given messages to lead you, a whole new and higher level of living will become available to you — a life of limitless possibilities.

For best results, I request that you make it a lifelong habit to read these messages everyday. Read them knowing you are already perfect and getting better and better.

Read them like you would a menu at a restaurant. Look down the list, scan the pages. Note where your eyes are naturally drawn and stop. There is no need to read any further that day. This is your personal message for the day.

You may find your mind saying things like: “No. That can't be. It's not possible.” Often we resist that which makes us whole.  

There is great wisdom in nothingness. You need do nothing with these messages. Your conscious will take the message in and automatically start rearranging itself to support your new awareness.

Do not be disturbed if you are drawn to the same message again and again throughout the next days, weeks, months and years to come. Each time you refocus on the message, your consciousness is raised to the next level. This heightened awareness increases your personal standards. And, as if by magic, those around you simultaneously increase their standards as well or self-select out of your community.

They say the eyes are the window of the soul. Trust them. They know.

These messages will transform your life — personally and professionally — if you will allow them.

Copyright © 2002 - 2007 | Phoenix (Lynn S. Marks) All Rights Reserved
Messages from God is a Registered Trademark of Phoenix Lynn S. Marks






Copyright © 2002 - 2008 | Phoenix (Lynn S. Marks) All Rights Reserved
Messages from God is a Registered Trademark of Phoenix Lynn S. Marks

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Be a no limit person by reading a delightful - Absorbing book on how to maximize your full potential.

Mark Victor Hansen

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