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Resources - Article: Springtime - Waiting for Growth
By Lynn "Phoenix" Marks - The Messenger
Coach, Speaker, Author

Last Saturday I spent a fast paced, delightful three hours participating in Carole Doré’s "How to Move Real Estate and Create Money Fast!" teleworkshop. Known as a visualization expert, Carole’s the author of The Emergency Handbook for Getting Money FAST!

Although I’m not a realtor, I took "move real estate" to mean move one’s dreams, desires and visions forward. Carole’s heart-centered approach has wide application.

Curiously, that Saturday the weather in "sunny" South Florida was anything but sunny. Throughout the entire workshop, and several hours later, the weather outside was grey skies with constant, drizzling rain. I couldn’t help but realize that often times what’s happening in our external world doesn’t reflect the vision seeds we’ve planted and are nurturing inside and out to grow new realities or expand our current good.

Often it’s so easy to get discouraged, distracted and/or lose our faith during the "birthing" period for our heart’s desires to materialize. There may be no or few visible results while we’re waiting. Different visions take different periods to materialize. During this "waiting" time we too are being transformed in the invisible realm of our heart and mind. This is the time we may be invited to acquire spiritual maturity - let go of prior conditioning, feelings and thoughts and re-connect with our authentic powerful higher-self.

Today this spiritual lesson was continuing to be played out right before my eyes in nature. Looking outside my window I saw a white snowy egret standing at the edge of the lake. As the wind blew and the rain fell it stood steadfast as if anchored in the storm. It seemed totally unperturbed by the weather. Several hours later, the rains eased up, then stopped. The grey sky became more and more blue and the sun finally shined through. As if on cue, that egret jumped down from its perch and started poking its beak (as in harvesting) in the grass. Then a blue heron flew in and did the same. Then a couple of ducks swam across the lake and joined the heron. More birds came and enjoyed the fruits of their wait in the grass and water.

If we can only remember to be like those birds during the grey days and rain storms of our life (which are oftentimes simply the gestation period for our vision seeds to sprout) -- know our intent, get our self positioned, patiently weather the seeming storms that may appear knowing that the Universe always provides, and take the action when our breakthrough arrives.

Growth, like springtime, is like this. Winds pick up, showers fall, birds chirp and flowers bloom. And summer always follows. The waiting period between planting those vision seeds and harvest time is like this too.

Don’t give up. Keep following though. Acknowledge gratefully in advance. Be joyful. Whether you’re growing crops, babies or visions, this waiting period is creation. This waiting is an essential stage for all prosperity.

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© 2005 Phoenix Lynn Marks, known as the SpiritDiva, is an intuitive coach who writes and speaks on understanding the messages of life to realize our full potential. She is the author of Messages from God®, Strategies for Your Personal Success and The Gift of Change.

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