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Resources - Article: Success Strategies for Leaders
By Lynn Marks - The Messenger
Coach, Speaker, Author

Successfully growing your business to the next level takes creating a "problem-free zone." It means no longer getting energy from solving-problems and running from crisis-to-crisis, but from effortlessness. Effortlessness is characterized by effective procedures, quality products and services and no problems (only solutions) from all you do business with, including: vendors (such as suppliers, banks, professionals), staff, management team, clients and yourself.

Be Problem-Free

Being problem-free does not mean that things do not come up; they do. However, they are viewed as simply stuff to handle, not problems. Ultimately there will be less and less stuff to handle for business owners who have a zero-tolerance for anything that brings or slows down the business--peoples' behaviors and attitudes, situations and problems.
Being zero-tolerant is insisting that those who you work with, inside and outside your business, become problem-free zones. When you eliminate tolerations you increase productivity.

Grow Personally

There is a direct correlation between your personal development level and your business performance level. The "bigger" you are personally, the more successful your business is going to be. Substantive growth comes from continuously investing in yourself, and sometimes really stretching, by strengthening who you are.

Upgrading who you are covers a number of areas, including:

  • High standard and clear boundaries are set and communicated to all you work with about what they may and may not do. Examples of what you expect from others may include: on-time performance, lowest possible pricing, quick payment, accurate information, professionalism, positive attitude, and complete work the first time.
  • Communication skills like telling people exactly what you need and want; not stepping-over anything that doesn't feel right or ring true; putting yourself in another’s shoes to effectively be heard; and fully communicating regardless of the results.
  • Strong community--personally and professionally--in place who you can share your loves, life, dreams and concerns with. Seek out people who honor you and you sincerely enjoy. Be willing to not allow people into your community who you do not feel comfortable with.
  • Integrity, simply put, is letting go of everyone and everything that you know is not good for you and is holding you back from being your best. Coming from integrity is being responsible for your actions and in-actions.
  • Adrenaline-free is stress-and rush free. It is no longer pushing yourself to prove yourself; it is knowing who you are and being proud of it.
  • Well-being. Standards are set and daily habits taken that support and strengthen your health and happiness level. When your mind, body and spirit are nurtured regularly you are ready for what ever comes up, including opportunities. These habits are things you want to do, not shoulds, for yourself because they make you feel good about you.

Daily habits to consider include: eating three meals , being caffeine-free, exercising 30-minutes or more, acknowledging someone, communicating with a friend, having something "better to do" after work each day than work, writing a journal entry, reading for pleasure, meditating, taking a sauna, and doing yoga or tai chi.

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© 2005 Phoenix Lynn Marks, known as the SpiritDiva, is an intuitive coach who writes and speaks on understanding the messages of life to realize our full potential. She is the author of Messages from God®, Strategies for Your Personal Success and The Gift of Change.

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Be a no limit person by reading a delightful - Absorbing book on how to maximize your full potential.

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Visualize and actually achieve your professional goals by getting over the obstacles that mentally and physically get in your way.

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"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened."

Matthew 7:7

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